DataCol is an Irrigation New Zealand accredited data hosting provider, an Environment Canterbury (ECan) authorised data service provider, and a National Environment Standards (NES) authorised provider.

DataCol’s irrigation monitoring solution is simple.

  1. A DataCol Collect GPRS Datalogger takes readings from the pulse output of the water meter
  2. Data is sent to DataCol every 15 minutes over GPRS where it is stored on DataCol’s secure server network and made available to the internet
  3. Users can access their data through a secure login screen.
    • View simple graphs of consumption by datalogger, meter, site or consent
    • View your compliance status online and compare your irrigation data to your consent rules
    • View current device states and configurations (coming soon)
    • Set-up thresholds which trigger alerts to be sent to your cell phone or email (coming soon)


DataCol is approved to audit compliance for irrigation resource consents. Our compliance reporting process is simple and hassle free:

  1. An engineer at DataCol processes your consent.
  2. Consents are split into simple rules such as “The maximum rate that water can be drawn from Take K29/1202 is 50 l/s”.
  3. The rules are compared to irrigation meter data to determine compliance.
  4. ECAN (or other nominated party) is notified if any of the consent conditions are broken. (coming soon)
  5. You can download a detailed report with all relevant usage information for a consent by logging into your account.
  6. If you comply with your consent terms you should never hear from ECAN.


DataCol Collect DataloggerThe DataCol Collect datalogger has an internal GPRS modem for use in “compliance monitoring systems”. We worked closely with experienced industry professionals in the development of the DataCol Collect datalogger.

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